Engaging Donors is so SIMPLE!

Hey there! Are you ready to rock your fundraiser and make a real difference? We’ve got an incredible plan to help you engage donors effortlessly. It’s super simple, so listen up!

1️⃣: Enter your contacts’ mobile numbers into your BackStage. Easy, right?

2️⃣: When your fundraiser kicks off, just log in to your BackStage and with a single tap, you’ll be engaging your donors like a pro.

And guess what? We’ve prepared a video below to show you just how incredibly easy it is to send your campaign to them.


But wait, there’s more! 

By entering your contacts, our system will send text message reminders throughout the fundraiser, keeping everyone in the loop. Let’s make this an unforgettable success together. Get ready to inspire, engage, and make an impact like never before!

Entering contacts into the system is not required.  By not entering contacts into the system no text messages are sent on your behalf.