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Congratulations, the majority of the detailed work is done.  This is the last step before the kickoff.  There is a lot of detail in this email.  Please take your time reading this so you can have an amazing kickoff!  

Kickoff overview

I created a 4 minute video on the sequence of events for the kick-off.  This covers the logistics of the events and shares some best practices.

Things participants will need at the kick-off

  • Something to write with ✏️
  • Phone and charger cord since sometimes batteries 🪫
  • AirPods or headphones to use while making phone calls to aid in hearing potential donors
  • Printed script so they can read from it while on the phone
  • Contact list

The script tells the participant exactly what to say when talking to a potential donor and what to text to donors.

Things the booster/directors need

  • Computer connected to a projector
  • A presentation to go over incentives and pump up the crowd!
  • The google sheet pledge reporting sheet up and running (link below)
  • Volunteers have pledge tracker link and know how to enter pledges (links below)

A slide template below can be modified to use for the kickoff: (please save a copy of this to your own deck)

Blitz Event Process.pptx

Tracking Pledges

Tracking pledges during the kickoff event is an important part of having fun and inspiring competition amongst the participants.  You will only need to track pledges if you have designed incentives for the kickoff event.  If you have “Blitz or Kickoff Incentives, read this section carefully.

The process for tracking pledges is:

  1. Students follow the script and ask donors how much they are going to donate.
  2. Once the student knows that amount, they tell a volunteer that amount.
  3. The volunteer enters that amount in the tracker tool below
  4. The booster organization loads the google sheet below to see pledge totals by team
  5. Provide kickoff/blitz rewards for the teams!

Pledge tracking

1. Volunteers go to the url below and enter in pledges.

2. The data is sent to a google sheet in real-time.  Display this sheet on a projector during the kickoff.  The chart will update in real-time. (I will update the team names soon)

Pope Band Pledge Reporting

I also have created a simple table view of the sum of pledges by group.

The pledge reporter page can be used as a backup for the google sheet or a few volunteers or directors can load on phones for in the moment views to update totals over a microphone or just check status on pledges. This page must be refreshed to get updated totals.

Please test the data entry process by submitting entries and then viewing the data in the google sheet and the simple table.  Remember to just deduct test entries at the end of the kickoff OR what I like to do is just keep them in the system so the students get a head start on those fun kickoff incentives 🙂

Donation tracking in real-time

Remember, donations are not pledges.  Donations are money in the bank, pledges are a commitment from a potential donor that they will make a donation at some point in the future. To see real-time donation data for donation based incentives use the information below.

There are three ways to get this done.

Method 1: Login to your account and load the main page to see total funds in the bank

*It is important to login to your account so the data is not cached*

*To get updated numbers on these sites, refresh the page.*

Method 2: Load the “Participants/Student page” to see which participants have donations coming in already.

Method 3: Load the reporting page which shows all of the above plus count of donations per team and campaign. (data will start populating once donations come in after student account creation) This method is the preferred method for tracking donations in real-time for kickoff incentives.  Please make sure you are logged in when viewing this report. If I have not sent your admin account access email me.

Participant Script

Below is a link to the participant script.  Participants should follow this script for interacting with donors over the phone and for sending text messages.  

If a participant follows the script for each contact they will have great success!  

The most successful groups print this out so participants can read it while they are on the phone with potential donors.  If the participants have not created their campaigns the script also contains the instructions on how to do that as well.

Pope Band Student Script Template v6.docx

Weekly Reports

Your weekly reports are built for Wed-Wed.  Specifically the data stops loading at Wednesday 12:59:59 pm central time.  So look at these reports on Thursday AM.  You can deliver incentives on that Thursday or often many groups give out incentives on a Friday before the weekend.

Below are the links to those reports.  You can also export all donations with your account into a spreadsheet and build your own custom reports if desired. (email to show you how to do that is sent post kickoff)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4