2023 March-a-Thon
Support the amazing
Leander Band!

2023 March-a-Thon
Support the amazing
Leander Band !

Donation Progress

$98,398.46 of $100,000 raised…

The Leander Band is raising money to help maintain the rich tradition and success of our program as we continue to provide a world-class experience for our students and families. This fundraiser will help us pay for the 2023 show “ripple”.

Ranked among the top high school music programs in the country, the Leander Band consistently strives for and achieves top honors and awards in marching and concert competitions. 

This dedication and determination, combined with extremely high levels of musical talent and academic achievement, has resulted in numerous Band students continuing on to higher levels of music education. 

Each year, the Leander Band places a disproportionately large number of students in the highest levels of University Interscholastic League competitions, National Honor Society, and a 99% acceptance rate into a University or College institution.

Please Help Us This Year!

Every donation goes towards supporting our fall marching program, winterguard, and setting up the program for the future.



Instrument purchases


Uniform Maintenance




Technology Updates

Colorguard Equipment



Instrument Investments


Show Design

Planning in and out-of-state travel for our 2023-2024 school year to perform for national audiences.

You Support is Impactful

Fundraising efforts in the past allowed our program to produce marching shows that included amazing visuals and beautiful music. Please click the show from last season to see and hear how the fundraising impacts our organization.

Without your support, shows like this would not be possible. Thank you!

Comments from our Amazing Donors

  1. Irene Almanza

    Tu Mama te quiere mucho!
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    Go! Makena I’m so proud of you Your Bro Brad
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    Lovely Makena Hunt ❤️
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    Help support a wonderful cause!
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    Love you to the moon and back!
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    Go Olivia!!
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    Go Carlo!!!
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    Good Luck Nikko!
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    This is your moment Nikko. Shine
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    I’d be Lion if I thought I wasn’t a proud alumnus…
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    Because he is awesome!
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    Bella is a wonderful girl with an amazing family!
  22. Amber Bufkin

    💙❤️💙❤️ Ripple is an amazing show!! ❤️💙❤️💙
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    Go Liv!!
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    From Jewel and all of the Smiths!! 💙❤️
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